What next?

Nigel Cunningham

I have worn the splints at night for 3 weeks and got immediate relief from being woken at 4.00am with the burning pain, numbness and tingling in both hands. However, I still get numbness and tingling in both hands. This is worse unless I totally rest and do nothing.I am a potter and need my hands!!
I have tried one night without the splints and was woken by burning pain.
Should I persevere with the splints?


Three weeks and a one night trial without is probably enough. We should arrange a steroid injection next I think. Emma will be in touch to sort out a date. JB


Would you like to come in sometime next week? I am here Monday to Thursday and Tuesday afternoon looks fairly quiet here. You are welcome to call, if you prefer, to make a specific time - 01227 783048. EK

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