Deferring surgery


Sorry to contact you here, I will leave a phone message too.
Unfortunately I missed my initial consultation appointment with at herne bay (today), but got a call as a result - the outcome would have been the same, though and he asked me to get in touch with you: My symptoms have subsided a lot and so I would like to be referred for steroid injection if appropriate, leaving surgery for another day possibly...
I would be grateful for your referral or advice
Peter May


It was a pretty mild CTS so I have no problem with deferring surgery. Whether it is worth injecting depends on just how much the symptoms have subsided - it would be useful to repeat the questionnaire on here to see how your subjective severity scores have changed (it is much quicker second time round because the site will only repeat the final section of the questionnaire). There is clearly no point in injecting an asymptomatic individual but if you have symptoms now which are a significant nuisance to you then I would be happy to arrange for another injection. JB

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