Post Treatment Feedback


I am happy to report that after having the injection on 31 May I got almost total relief after 2 or 3 days. I still get slight pins and needles when riding my bike for 45 mins or more, pre treatment I got them after 10 mins and really I am very happy with the outcome.
Thank you to the Canterbury team!


Thankyou for the follow-up note - if you could add a new symptom severity score on here too that would be great (in the 'MyCTS' section). Now we wait to see how long it is before the problem re-occurs. A short publication of an American study has just appeared where they found that, with about 7 years median follow up, 30% of so of patients had still not needed any further treatment after a single injection. That's probably a bit more optimistic than I would be. JB

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