Symptoms remain after CT release in dominant arm


The first time I heard about CTS was after the birth of my son in 2007. It was just my wrist locking. I cant remember the other symptoms I had back then. Fast forward to 2015 during the second trimester I started having trouble sleeping due to tingling, numbness and pain in my wrist up my arm to the shoulder. The remaining months of my pregnancy was in severe pain due to the symptoms including the fact the I could not sleep; I just wanted the baby out but I was told it was water retention all the symptoms in my hands and numbness and tingling; I was assured that after delivery I will be back to normal.
After having the baby, it became worse. My fingers automatically went to sleep and I had to be reminded to straighten my fingers by those around me. Almost 6months post delivery, I had the steroid injections in both wrists one month apart. This did not help me and I was referred to surgery. Before this I had the NCS in September 2016 (I don't have the figures) but I was told I had severe CTS in both hands but it was worse in my right arm/hand.
Fast forward to March 13 2017 I had the surgery for the right hand which was worse but I saddens me that it has not helped me at all. I am in constant pain and its like I have this burning sensation constantly under my skin in both hands. It ahs been 4 and half months and I really do not know what to do. I am unable to sleep and I have had to resign my job as I was unable to function properly. I had physio, was placed with a hand therapist and unfortunately none has helped.
I was checked for RA but it came back negative; I was told I have some osteo arthritis though in my knee and don't know if this is linked.
My scar has healed nicely and I still feel a bit of pain when I put pressure on the are where the cut was made but nothing compared to the constant pain that radiates up my arm.
I have gone back to see the surgeon and I was told it has to be a waiting game really and that I have to come back in October for another review. It is hard going for me really and I don't have anyone to explain my situation too. I feel something is happening in me and no one can see it.
I would be grateful for any help.


That story illustrates a few interesting things about CTS:

1) It doesn't always go away after pregnancy (and probably isn't due to 'water retention')

2) Patients who have a poor response to injection are more likely to have poor results from surgery (did it respond at all to injection, however briefly?)

Can you read the section of this website on assessing failed carpal tunnel surgery and then try to analyse how symptoms have changed, if at all, after surgery, what has gone away, what's worse, what has moved to a different place etc.

The next thing that is going to help with arriving at a diagnosis here is a comparison of the before and after surgery nerve conduction results so if you have not had a second set done then get some. If you can thet get hold of the before and after results we can take a look and start to work out what the problem might be. JB

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