Dear Dr. Bland. - My last appointment with with the clinic was 18th May 2015 and since that date I have continuously worn my splints at night on my right and left hand (with very rare exceptions!).
Last December I had a Collis fracture of my right hand and after the plaster came off I continued wearing the splint. I am pleased to say my hands have greatly improved since I last came to your clinic. Slight tingling in the right hand. I have for the last two weeks for the first time left off both splints at night. Should I come to see the Practice Nurse in respect of my hands and for new splints? Thank you.


If your symptoms remain better and  you just need replacement splints then we can agree a time for you to come and see us to have a new pair fitted. We could see you later this week for splint fitting. If you would like a review appointment we could book you in to have the nerves tested again and see if there has been any change. We are booking about 4-5 weeks ahead at the moment for testing. Let us know what you would prefer to do. EK

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