Recently Diagnosed With CTS


I have suffered with pins and needles in my left hand during the night for a few years. I woke up on Tuesday with severe pain in my middle and one side of ring finger. I saw my G.P. who diagnosed CPS.

She recommended I buy a splint and take ibuprofen. Over the week the pain has got worse. I am due to go back to work on Monday. I am office based and use a keyboard. Should I wear a splint in the day. I am using it at night time and it has helped. Should I go back to see my G.P. next week or leave it a few more weeks?

If the pain continues do I have to wait a certain amount of weeks before having a steroid injection?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Kind Regards,


In an ideal world I would test that fairly quickly to get a baseline idea of how bad your CTS is and then make a decision about treatment but few areas have the luxury of being able to arrange quick nerve conduction studies at will. Even my waiting list is currently at about 3-4 weeks. A splint at night is a good idea as first aid and you can wear it during the daytime if it seems to help. Make sure it is correctly adjusted (see the splint page on this site). There are no hard an fast rules on when one should inject (or indeed operate) JB

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