Work and Driving with CPS


Thank you for your response yesterday. It was appreciated.

I am due to go to work tomorrow but my ring finger and middle finger is painful. It feels like I have been touching stinging nettles. The splint I have is not the same as the one on the diagram. My splint has a metal bar from wrist to top of palm.

The health and safety advisor at work has not changed my keyboard or ordered any ergonomic products until he has seen me.

Because the pain has increased I feel that I should try and get an appointment tomorrow. Would it be the G.P who decides if I need an injection or would he have to refer me to hospital?

I haven't attempted to drive this week because of the pain but if it improves can you drive with a splint on?

Kind Regards,


The splints we use have a metal bar but it is aluminium and can be bent to fit the shape of the individual wrist as illustrated. I wouldn't drive wearing one. Some GPs feel able to treat CTS themselves and a few will carry out injections, though personally I prefer it if carpal tunnel injections are performed by people who do lots of them, rather than the odd one now and again. Some GPs also use rather small doses of steroids - what you need is 40mg of triamcinolone or equivalent (there are several alternative steroids). I also think nerve conduction studies should be carried out before injection ideally. JB

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