Six weeks after the injections


Hi, thank you for the injections on the 21st of August. After I just left you I felt a big numbness in my left thumb and just above the wrist join. Then after few days the numbness I had all the time gone, my fingers began to be warm ( as it used to be generally always cold) :) I still have those sudden sharp stinging pains and especially it's paint full if I am, let's say picking apples, and need to use power in my fingers to get them of the twigs. It happens as well when I am cutting something hard or opening a jar. So I still have those sudden short sharp stinging pains in fingers but general numbness I guess is gone.


I take it that counts as an improvement overall. If you could run through another symptom severity questionnaire online (go to the 'MyCTS' pages and look for an option to take another severity score test). Is it sufficiently under control now that we don't need to do anything else for now or should we treat it further? JB

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