Lyrica for carpel tunnel symptons

jan galer

Has anyone else been offered Lyrica for carpel tunnel symptons? After reading about this medication on the internet I am really not happy about taking it. I have big problems with anti inflamatories, so I was given this, but was not given any advice regarding side effects. I checked this out when I got home. Maybe I get the reasoning behind it, but the side effects could be horrendous. I definitely have carpel tunnel (diagnosed at hospital) with the possibillity of neck problems too, as I can get the whole of my left arm into my shoulder go numb during the night. Have just tried again with doctors, have only had pain killers for quite a while, as previously had steroid injection in wrist with very bad effect, if I had had an axe after the injection I would have chopped my arm off! So any ideas re the Lyrica, is it a new idea for treatment? thanks. jan


Lyrica is the trade name for pregabalin which is closely related to the drug gabapentin which is often used for nerve related pain. Logically these drugs should work for CTS but so far the trial evidence for them being effective is negative - it is referenced here on the 'Other conventional and alternative treatments page'. The only published trials have been done with gabapentin so far as I know but one would expect a similar effect. JB


Hi Jan,
Unfortunately I had a hell lot of side effects with Gabbapentin. I wished I never have taken this infernal stuff. My orhtopaedic surgeon prescript it because I got increasing pain in my hands which could not get controlled by Amitriptyline or Diclofenac. I got told that it is a good medicine for nerve pain and many people take it without any side effects. Unfortunately I was not lucky. It was a terrible time for me - I have had violent mood swings and suicidal thoughts and my GP forced me to see a psychiatrist. I was a stranger to myself and to friends. I was laughing at one moment and crying without reasons 10 min later therefore I tried to stay alone so that I could not hurt anybody's feelings. I lost contact to many friends and I am missing all happy memories from this period (terrific holidays in the Marlborough Sounds) ;( And the worst thing of all was that I did not know that all these problems were caused by Gabbapentin! After three months - which were hell for me - I stopped taking Gabbapentin for a few days because my stomach got upset and I could not eat anything and also drinking was really painful. After three days without Gabbapentin the violent mood swings were gone! Unfortunately the pain in the hands increased afterwards so that I ended up taking 3x the allowed daily dosage of tramadol but that is a different story. Three months after this horrible experience the doctor from the Pain Clinic asked my to try Na-Valproat, a relative to Gabbapentine and Pregabalin, which made me even sicker. I almost succeeded with the suicide (friends were there to prevent it) and I also got physically sick (nausea, vomiting, belly pain, headache, light sensitivity, and more). I will NEVER take it again. But I also know that it may help other people and give them a comfortable life. If you want to try it, go for it but please be also alert that it can influence your mood etc and if friends notice a change, please take it serious. I wish you all the best and a speedy solution for your problems, Moni

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