Carpal tunnel


Hi I came to the clinic on 16.10.17 - I tested positive for CTS - was given injections of Kenalog in both wrists and also provided with hand splints to wear nightly. Within a couple of weeks the pain in my hands and arms had reduced significantly and now 5.5 weeks later that pain has more or less disappeared. I was also finding it difficult to lift objects (water filled kettle) one handed - this is now much better. I have both Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis so always expect joint problems and pain but the constant pins and needles, which travelled up my arms to my shoulders and swollen hands has gone. I shall keep the hand splints in case of any recurrence but am very grateful of the enormous difference the treatment has made. Vivien Gilbert.


Thankyou very much for posting the update. Could I also ask you to add a new symptom severity questionnaire here on the website please and I will then add that to your records (go to 'My CTS' and look for the option to take a new severity score test). There is a fair chance the problem will come back at some point and if and when it does you can just contact me directly on here and we will deal with it again. JB

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