Hello, Would you be able to give me some advise please; The injections I've had don't seem to have worked, I still use the splints which are really good, but the problem I've got is that I'm now under rheumatology and Endocrinolgy. Rheumatology are doing tests for systemic arthritis and lupus. I had a big injection in my bum and it got rid of some of my symptoms but not all, I'm wondering what to do about the CPS whether you would think of surgery or wait to see what results come back from other doctors. Don't know what pain is from what problem, thanks. Darren


It's often hard to separate out symptoms from two or more different problems occurring simultaneously. I seem to be missing an injection record on my system if we injected your wrists? I can see a note from Emma on 11th October saying that you wanted to try them and then one on the 17th mentioning a transient swelling at the injection site but no record of the actual injection between those. We might have to see you again to try and analyse what has happened so far I think as it's a rather complex situation. It would be useful to know what the rheumatologists injected.. JB 

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