Week after injections

leah godden

Is it normal to still be experiencing pain and pins and needles a week after please ?


Not what we want but not abnormal either. about 20% of people don't respond to steroids, either because their CTS is resistant or because some other problem is actually causing the symptome, so in some cases the original symptoms just continue. New syptoms of pain and P+N after injection which weren't there before would be unusual - but then we don't generally inject people who don't have this sort of symptoms anyway so that would be a very unusual sequence of events. One final scenario, which is more often seen with surgery of advanced CTS, is that the hand is numb before the operation - ie no sensation - and then has P+N and pain afterwards as nerve function improves. That is also theroetically possible with injection but I don't think I've ever seen it, again perhaps because we tend to operate on severe cases rather than inject them. JB

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