Loss of use


I had an evaluation for loss of use. I'm not sure what the actual name is sorry but I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what it means? Or what the loss of use equals to? Right hand Dorsiflexion 30 degrees (normal 75), volar flexion 30 degrees (normal 75), radial deviation 15 degrees (normal 20), ulnar deviation 15 degrees ( normal 20). Left hand dorsiflexion 50 degrees, volar flexion 50 degrees, radial deviation 15 degrees, ulnar deviation 20 degrees. Grip strength in right hand 10 pounds left 25. Any input is greatly appreciated thank you.


They are mostly measurements of how far you can bend your wrist in different directions - your wrists seem to be pretty stiff. The grip strength should self explanatory - how much power you can exert in gripping something. JB

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