Fingers still numb


Had right hand CT op yesterday. Still have numbness in thumb and fingers a day later. Found initial injection palnfull and needed more anaesthetic due to my reaction to reaction to what the surgeon was doing and to enable him to complete. He said he would normally expect the compression cuff to be on for 7 minutes but in my case it was 14. Is it usual to still have numbness after the op and do the bandages have to stay on till the stitches are removed in 10 days? Many thanks for operating this very useful site and forum.


How quickly numbness resolves after surgery depends how severe the CTS was before surgery. If you have pre-operative NCS available we can have a guess at whether you should be expecting quick recovery or not. Bandaging policy depends very much on the individual surgeon so they should have told you what they expect you to do. 14 minutes with a tourniquet is quite a long time for carpal tunnel surgery - was that becoming very uncomfortsable in itself? JB

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