CP bilateral: advice needed


My EMG diagnosed mild carpal in both hands, no nerve damage three months ago. Right hand is worse than left. Had a steroid injection two weeks ago. Not helped. My hand surgeon, who is a top Dr., Told me that because of no improvement from steroid injection. I would not be a good candidate for surgery. I have had EMG testing on neck and cervical spine, all testing was negative. Do you have any recommendations as to what to do now? Thank you. Linda


A lack of response to steroid injection is something of a poor prognostic factor for surgery but it does not absolutely mean thiat it will not respond. There are some other things to think about first though. Exacty how bad were the NCS results ?- if you have a copy we can take a look What dose of steroid was used for the injection ? - some people use far too small a dose. WHat are the symptoms like - does it really sound like CTS ? - whatever the NCS results say (the best way to assess this last quickly is to complete the website questionnaire here). JB

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