Severe Compression


Hello Dr. Bland, In have severe compression in both hands with minor symptoms, see details of NCS test.

Right Left
Median to (Abductor Pollicis Brevis) Latency from wrist 5.8 6.3 m.secs.
Amplitude of muscle act. pot. 10 6 millivt
Ulnar (to abductor Digiti Minimi) Latency from wrist 2.4 2.7 m.secs.
Amplitude of muscle act. pot. 16 12 millivt
Latency below elbow 6.2 6.7 m.secs.
Amplitude of muscle act. pot. 15 12 millivt
Latency above elbow 7.7 8.1 m.secs.
Amplitude of muscle act.pot. 15 12 metres/
MCV (wrist to elbow) 60 58 metres/
MCV (across elbow) 52 62 metres/


Median (terminal Phalanx of middle finger to palm & wrist
Latency finger to wrist * * m.secs.
Amplitude of sensory act.pot microvt

Median (Index proximal phalanx to wrist Latency * * m.secs.
Ampiltude microvt
Sensory conduction velocity metres

Ulnar (5th finger to wrist) Latency finger to wrist 2.0 2.0 m. secs.
Amplitude of sensory act.pot. 3 4 microvt
Sensory conduction velocity 57 58

* absent responses 09.03/2018

Since these readings things have changed, and as I play the piano I have noticed my right has become weak, finger motion not so good and stretch thumb to little finger not so good either. Left Hand OK
what are you views on the NCS Test results? and the prognosis if I have Surgery.
Thanks for your help.


As far as the CTS is concerned that is grade 4 in both hands. You can read off the outomes of surgery for grade 4 from the surgical prognosis page. The ulnar sensory potentials are quite small - are you elderly/diabetic or is there another known nerve problem? It is not uncommon for diabetic patients with quite severe CTS in neurophysiological terms to have relatively mild symptoms from the CTS. JB

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