Thanks for the help / Splints


Just found this website and wanted to say thank you to Dr. Bland for the explanation in the Treatments section of what CPS is and how a splint should be adjusted. I will eventually get to see a specialist (I've had the nerve conduction studies which diagnose mild CPS in both wrists) but in the meantime a little self-help seems sensible. So I ordered the splints from Amazon where there are several types available but I found they weren't working very effectively at controlling extension in particular. The right hand is worse and causes me much pain and tingling at night if I wake to find the wrist is bent backwards. But now that I've bent the metal insert to the right shape, having read what it is meant to be doing, the splint is much more effective and prevents over-extension of the wrist joint. The splint is now positioned further up the hand and the strap furthest from the body now goes across the knuckles whereas, as supplied, it was further away from the fingers and of limited value in controlling extension. The top strap no longer digs into the fleshy 'web' joining the thumb to the hand which is useful too. Time will tell but so far it's looking promising and at least I feel I'm doing something positive while waiting for further help. Best regards from Wales.


It's good to see that someone has read the splint pages - even my own patients often don't get that far. Services are stretched a little thinly in Wales at present I think, especially for neurophysiology, so I'm glad you have at least been tested. JB

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