carpal tunnel success


Just an update on my recent treatment for my carpal tunnel. I seem to have had total relief from the symptoms which is great and as a bonus the injection seems to have eased the artheritis in my fingers. Thankyou for great service.


Thankyou for the update. Could I ask a couple of other questions please.

a) did you notice any possible side effects from injection (apart from the beneficial effect on the arthritis, whcih I guess we have to count as a side effect of sorts)

b) what has happened to symptoms in the left (non-injected) hand - I can see that there were some mild symptoms on that side too form the records

If you can complete a new severity questionnaire in the MyCTS bit of the site here that helps a lot.

I'll also move this to the Canterbury patients forum in a few days. It helps to keep all our patient communications in the same bit of the site. JB

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