Carpal Tunnel Release


Good afternoon

I'm trying to get an appointment sorted for carpal tunnel release (right hand) and am having a few problems trying to book an appointment, so am hoping you might be able to help.

I came to Canterbury hospital on 30 May 2018 for nerve conduction tests and was then seen by Emma Kaile (I think), she booked me in with St. Richards Rd Surgery in Deal, to have carpal tunnel release surgery on my left hand (which was done on 13 June 2018). Whilst I was there, Dr Sree Varma said when I need to get the right hand done, ring them to make an appointment for the surgery. I have tried to do this today, but they say I need to contact my own GP. I have since been to my GP and they have said I need to contact yourselves to get it booked in (I have tried to contact yourselves, but only get an answer machine).

I am hoping this makes sense and that you can possibly help to get an appointment made,, with the surgery in Deal, for my right hand to be done.

Thanks and regards
Christine Barnden


Sorry. You usually do get the answerphone in my office because the clinics are so busy (you have been to one so you know what they are like - Emma and are usually in mid-conversation with another patient when the phone rings). We do usually clear the messages daily though so apologies if we have not got back to you - occasiojnally it's because we can't identify someone from the answerphone message. It looks as though the two hands were about the same severity so if the first one has now healed fully and symptoms remain the same in the other side it would be reaasonable to go on and do that one too. There is indeed no need to go through your GP - I wonder who told you that. We'll try to give you a call today to choose a date. JB

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