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Mike elliott

Hi.. I came into Canterbury clinic four weeks ago. I was given a splint to try for a month to see of my symptoms improved at all,and to leave a message on here to let you know how it went.. unfortunately the splint seems to have made it worse,waking up in the night with pain and numbness.
Kind regards mike


As it was a very mild CTS, at least in physiological terms, there are two possibilities I think. a) The problem is CTS and you just don't respond to a splint or b) the CTS is an innocent bystander and something else is the main cause of symptoms. There are two further things I could do - we could take a look at the nerve with the ultrasound scanner and see if that also shows evidence of CTS (or anyother obvious problem) and/or we could try the effect of a local steroid injection to see what effect that has on the symptoms. They could both be done in one visit - probably some time next week. What do you think? JB

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