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Hello Dr Bland I first saw you in June 2012. My original reference number was <edited out>. I had CTS in both wrists, the left was worse and after a number of injection by a male technician it was successful operated on I think in January 2014. I came back in April 2017 and had an injection in my right wrist by Emma Kaile, this gave good relief for about 9 or 10 months but it has steadily got worse over the last 6 months. Can you arrange for me to have another appointment. Thanks Nb I tried to log in using my old details but this was not successful, I have therefore created a new profile, hope this hasn’t created any confusion. Thanks again Phil


Your original user id was sharp51 and I'll reset the password for you so that you can go back to that one. I've also edited your old reference number out of that message as those should remain private, and I'll move this post to the Canterbury forum a bit later. I'll also send you out a new appointment and email you the details along with the new password. JB

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