Progress update


Hi Dr Bland

Glad to report the splints I was given when I attended the clinic relieved my symptoms within 3 weeks, but now I’m finding that the numbness in my fingers has returned again despite still wearing the splints every night.

The splints continue to prevent any pain waking me at night which is a relief.

I use a computer for most of the day, the set up is not ideal and the mouse flexes my wrist upwards - is it possible that this might hinder any improvement/contributed to the reoccurrence of my symptoms?

Many thanks


Typing position may not be helping but it's likely to be a relatively minor factor overall. As this was a fairly mild CTS, if it is still a significant uisance after a month of splinting then the next logical thing to try would probably be a local steroid injection. We can usually do these for you Monday to Thursday. JB

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