Unbearable pain


I broke the fibula, about 27mm above the lateral malleolus. I had a martial arts accident where I was thrown very powerfully by one of our colleagues. My foot stayed planted on the floor, while my upper body rotated.
I took an X-ray and at that time, it showed that all the bits were pretty much in the right spot. Hence the orthopedic surgeon did not decide to operate. My leg was covered with plaster and I was asked to rest for a week.
This was like around three months before and everything was perfect until last week. I began to experience slight sharp pain in the joints of my leg. I have heard that having physiotherapy treatment ( http://www.physionow.ca/services/physiotherapy/ ) from Mississauga is really effective in treating these kinds of problems.
Has anybody experienced this type of pain before? How did you deal with it?


This is not really the right place for that question as the site is dedicated to the hand condition carpal tunnel syndrome rather than general medical issues. It's not something I have any experience of I'm afraid. JB

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