Symptom Update

Alison Mills

Hi Jeremy

I came to see you at the beginning of January with numb fingers in the night.
My severity score was a 2 on my right wrist and a 1 on my left wrist. You suggested a splint to wear at night
which I have been wearing each night and is very successful as I hardly ever wake up with numb fingers. So I am
happy to continue with this.

I do however do seasonal work at a garden nursery and am returning to this at the beginning of March. I did not
realise until recently, that last summer, when watering for an hour or two at a time at waist height, that the reason
I had dead fingers was probably due to carpal tunnel. I will see how it goes this spring/summer and contact you
again if it becomes a big problem.


Glad to hear it's doing OK with splinting at present. Feel free to contact us any time if work starts to aggravate it. JB

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