Symptoms in right hand

Angela McFarlane

My symptoms in my left hand have improved, six weeks post surgery. However my right has made a, slight improvement. I have been getting intermittent pain, at the front of my right wrist. Also if I pick up a spoon incorrectly and the tip of the handle slightly digs into the middle of my hand, it causes pain.
I have not been able to make a decision regarding surgery, as I very cleverly injured my right shoulder. The physio thinks it may need surgery. I know it is unlikely, but if my shoulder needs surgery would it be possible to do a decompression at the same time?


That depends very much on the surgeon doing the shoulder. To me (a non-surgeon) there seems to be no good reason not to carry out a minor procedure like carpal tunnel decompression at the same time as another operation if the surgeon has the relevant expertise, but in the past when I have wondered whether it would be done it has often not been. The right side was worse than the left so it's perhaps not too surprising that it should respond less well. I guess we probably try to fit in round whatever happens with the shoulder. JB

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