Morning all, I have been suffering well over a year in both hands with my dominant hand the worst. I have had three injections and am now awaiting the operation which is scheduled for the end of June. When I wake in the morning my hand is very swollen. Just wondering if anyone else has the same thing and if there is anything I can do in the way of painkillers because the pain is so bad and seems to be getting worse. My hand is sometimes twice the size, cannot wait for the operation to come around!
Any advice would be great thanks everyone


Visible swelling of the hand is quite unusual in CTS, as opposed to the fingers just feeling like a bunch of sausages. Are you still using a splint at night and is it perhaps fastened too tightly? Apart from that we should be thinking about other causes of swelling which might be causing a secondary CTS perhaps. What position do you customarily sleep in? Are the hands also stiff in the morning and if so how long does that take to wear off? JB

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