Self diagnosios questionaire


I found answering you questionaire difficult because for me there is a wide variation in my symptoms, depending on what I have been doing with my hands.

Normally, in an "office" environment, the symptoms are pretty mild to sometimes moderate, though the right hand is always worse than the left. But if occasionally (say once a fortnight) I have been gardening, or doing something requiring powerful squeezing - such as wringing out washing (my washing machine has just failed !) - the symptoms rise to severe in the day and very severe at night, and last about a couple of days.

For the questionaire, we seem to be asked for a mean between these two extremes, which is what I have tried to do, but I wonder if this is indeed what is needed for your database ?



That is indeed the right approach. The part of the questionnaire relating to symptom severity is a standard instrument often known as the Boston Carpal Tunnel Questionnaire and is intended to be answered for the average severity of symptoms in the last two weeks. It makes only a fairly minor contribution to the diagnostic score. You do seem to have a very high chance of having CTS. JB

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