Using splints


Dr Bland. Good morning
I wonder if you can advise please

I have been using the splints you provided me with at night time, religiously, as I was instructed.

I have to say that the results for me personally have been fabulous. From literally the first night I have not had a numb arm at all, not once, and hardly any tingling. During the day the change in sensation has been fabulous too. Just very occasional sensation of very mild tingling.
The issue I have is that it’s now almost 6 weeks since I saw you, and was told only to wear them for this amount of time.
But because I feel they have been so successful I am loathe to stop using them.
Oh dear, it appears they may have become a sort of comfort blanket!!!!haha

What do you suggest or advise please? Am I safe to continue using them? Or would that be incorrect?

Thank you to you and your team for a very professional and speedy service. I was very impressed and have made sure that I tell others of your well run clinic.

Very many thanks.
I await your response

Jacquelin Findlay


It's worth the experiment of leaving them off for a few nights to see if symptoms recur. If they do then you can go straight back to splinting again and we can consider whether to just continue with those or whether to try injection. JB

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