Feedback on steroid injection

Had my Steroid injection in June.

All went very well. As a type 1 diabetic I was warned that blood glucose levels may be a bit erratic for a while, on the day I had the injection they were high for a few hours but after 2nd day they settled and returned to normal.
I had a little ache in my wrist when bent it etc, might be because I had the injection at 4pm and went to work at 6pm and my work is quite physical but was minor pain and didn’t affect anything.
Late June I had some mild tingling back in my right hand but soon disappeared and have had no symptoms since.

Overall pleased with outcome


Thanks for the update. I'll add it to the records next time I'm in the office. Just contact us directly if and when it comes back. JB

I find you have also created a second user ID here on the website - the previous one was Alison_n - wuld you like me to reset the password for that. It's better to keep everything iin one account. JB

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