Feedback following consultation



I saw you on 13th June following assessment for CTS which showed grade 1 in my left hand and grade 2 in my right. Since the consultation I have been wearing the splints you provided every night. My symptoms are much improved. I no longer get the pins and needles in my hands which I was experiencing several times every night. I do still sometimes get very mild pins and needles in two fingers on my left hand and my thumb on my right hand if driving for more than 30 minutes but it does not cause any problems or pain and I do not experience this doing any other activity.

Do you think there is any need for an injection? Should I carry on wearing the splints?




If you are happy with the hands as they are now there is no special need to inject - it depends entirely on whether the symptoms are bothering you and how happy you are to continue splinting. You could try leaving the splints off for a week to see if it deteriorates. JB

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