update from diagnosis.



I have been using the splints as instructed during the night and this has definitely helped with the lessening of pins and needles. However, if I do cleaning or in-fact anything using my hands repetitively, I still get pain which can be mild to severe, causing pain to focus mainly on my thumbs, wrists and to travel up my arm and the sensation of a band twanging is still evident.

A sensible solution would be I suppose to wear the splints more often and I have done so when not at work, do you think this is the right thing to do? I do not want to share my diagnoses with work so have obviously not used the supports there! It is my dominant (right) hand that is affected the most.

I have used an ibuprofen gel mainly on my wrists to little effect and also used Solpadeine with Codeine which has definitely helped somewhat. I did approach my GP for pain killers but he was reluctant to prescribe anything. Considering my diagnoses is classed as mild, I feel so much sympathy for those with a moderate to severe diagnoses.

Kind regards.


Well the response to splinting helps to confirm that at least part of the problem is CTS. It's not really practical to wear splints all the time so the next thing that would be worth trying would be a local sterodi injection. We can do that for you, usually Monday to Thursday whenever you can make it in. JB

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