Carpel Tunnel Revision Surgery


My carpel tunnel has returned after nearing 2 years after surgery - right wrist release and ulnar nerve. I've read up about any number of reasons, etc. I'm wondering if anyone has undergone some type of "Revision Surgery"? What was the problem diagnosed (reason for recurring) and how was the 2nd surgery - wha type and was it successful, how was recovery and how are you doing now after how many months?

I'm not sure I want to go back to my original doctor, though he is regarded as one of the best in the Monterey County area here in California. Does anyone know of other surgeons in the area that I might want to look into?

Has anyone been seen at Stanford Medical?

Thank you for sharing!


The first step in analysing that is to go back to the records of the original CTS and surgery. It's unusual for it recur as quickly as two years if the original operation was successful. Assuming you have some pre-operative NCS results you will then need some new ones for comparison. Ultrasound imaging can sometimes help to sort out what is going on too. Was it an open or endoscopic decompression? JB

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