Cortisone injection

Dr Bland
I had the injections on the 6th February by Dr Miles but it does not seem to have made any difference to either hand.
I have contacted the Referral management Centre who have made a follow up appointment with Dr Fox at Wye Surgery for the 28th march.
Do I need to come back and see yourself or do I wait until I have seen Dr Fox.

Brian smith


A complete lack of response to injection in a grade 1 CTS tends to make me think that we should be looking for another cause for the symptoms but I would wait a few weeks first - occasionally we see  a late response to injection (or symptoms spontaneously improve regardless!) so it is worth giving it until the 6 week follow-up assessment before we decide what to do next. JB

thank you for your quick response,i will wait until my follow-up assesment and contact you then

regards Brian

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