6 week review after injection

Hayley Gene

I had an injection in my right hand on 10 February 2020. My left hand has been referred for surgery, which may not happen for some time due to the covid19 virus.

After about 24 hours the initial aching subsided but symptoms took about 2 weeks to abate. Since then I have only experienced slight tingling when using the hand for extensive writing/keyboard use. Work have supplied me with an all singing and dancing pen to combat this which has helped tremendously. Pleased to say that I am no longer kept awake at night by my right hand hurting - yay, only the left hand to deal with - not yay. I have a feeling symptoms in my right hand may return but am hoping it will be quite a while before they do.

If it gets to a point where I feel a further injection in right hand may be beneficial is it ok to pop a note on this forum?


You are right that no carpal tunnel surgery is likely to happen for a while. We are trying to keep a very limited injection service running for people with severe symptoms and if either hand becomes intolerable we might be able to inject for you. The forum here is the easiest way to stay in touch. JB

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