Six week follow up


Good morning,
I have been wearing a splint at night as agreed when I attended clinic. Initially I had good results but after a couple of weeks I am now experiencing same symptoms as before at night. I have tried tightening it and loosening it but no real help. I even left it off once and woke up in pain I have never experienced before with CTS.
I have seen other splints available to buy and wonder if you would recommend one of these over the one I was given in clinic?
I understand things are exceptionally busy for the NHS right now, but just wanted to up date while it was on my mind.
Hope to hear from you when you can

Thank you


There is no conclusively better splint design (though of course plenty of people who want to sell you things for CTS). The next logical step would be to try the effect of a local corticosteroid injection and I might be inclined to try that during the week beginning 20th April if the epidemic is starting to come under control a llittle by then. Give me a progress report after the Easter weekend and we will think about it - you could even do the symptom severity questionnaire on the website here, once now and once during the week after easter. JB

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