Feedback after second set of injections


I attended for a second round of injections in both wrists on the 17th Feb. Sensitivity in my fingers is probably about 60-70% of what I consider normal. The biggest help has been wearing wrist splints at night. Once used to them I have a pretty much undisturbed night with no burning or tingling waking me up. The questionnaire still gives me. 78% CP rating and with my sensitivity tests being at 5 on both hands I guess it’s only a matter of time before operations ( with a 90% predicted success) become the best solution. I believe that if you leave the condition too long it can affect the successful outcome of an operation, ie that the nerves are too damaged, Is this correct? Can you tell me the procedure for arranging surgery after the current pandemic has subsided please. Thank you.


Given the severity of the CTS at grade 5 my overall preference in trerating this would be for surgery anyway. You are quite correct the success rate at grade 6 is significantly worse than at grade 5 so you really don't want this to get any worse. It's good to know that it is somewhat improved with splints and steroids though and the improvement suggests that they are at least slowing it down while we wait for epidemic to pass and I'm encouaged by the fact that it didn't slip from grade 5 to 6 between 2018 and 2020. If you keep an eye on the patient infomation page here on the website I will update that with any news on resuming services as soon as I know anything and once some surgical lists start up again we will get you listed for surgery - all you need to do is contact me, either here or by email/phone. JB

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