Email Request

Holly Joyce


my name is Holly Joyce, i was told my referral was lost so it has been re applied for and i was told to do the question air without a reference number which i have done, My email is holly [dot] joyce [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk.

If someone could please get back to me it would be greatly appreciated. I have been told to email however couldn't find the email address on the website.

Thank you.


Contact details of all kinds are on the contacts page. You seem to have done the questionnaire first and then registered on the site afterwards, or alternatively you may have registered on the site but then returned and done the questionnaire without logging in. Either way I'm afraid there is no set of questionnaire answers attached to the Holly Joyce account at present so I'm afraid I have no way knowing which of the many thousands of anonymous sets of questionnaire answers stored on the site are yours. I'm afraid you will have to run through the questionnaire again while loggged in (it says "logged in as...." at the top right just below the horizontal blue line when you are successfully logged in to the site). Once I can see the answers we can decide what to do next. JB

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