Steroid injection


Hi there, I have had 2 previous steroid injections over the last 3 years, CTS has returned in my right hand, it’s quite severe and I’m having to wear a splint. I am now on dialysis and my fistula is also on that hand and I’m unable to wear my splint while dialysing and at times the pain is so bad that I feel I can’t continue with my dialysis. Can you please advise if there is a chance of an appointment for another steroid injection in the near future Regards Anthony


Yes we should be able to manage that but I think next week's limited list is going to be full after this morning's round of phone calls. I hope I will be able to manage this for you the following week.

Incidentally, you had another acount here on the website so I've deleted that one and transferred your reference number to this one. If you could redo the symptom questionnaire while logged in on this account that would help me considerably.



Sorry about the delay but I can now find you an injection slot at 8:00 am on Thursday 11th June if the problem is still the same and you can make that. I'll try to call you as well. JB

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