Questionnaire completed


Hi I have completed the questionnaire many thanks


We saw you back in December at which time the test results were normal and, although there are a few features suggestive of CTS in your story the severity of right hand symptoms seems out of proportion and you are not in an age group where CTS is common so I rather suspect it is not the right diagnosis. Normally with scores like this I would say test it anyway, it might be CTS, but as we have a perfectly normal set of results from December I think in this instance your GP might be better referring you to the hand clinic, where a wider range of expertise in things other than CTS is available, and we can take it from there.

One thing that I note you have not tried is a splint on the wrist at night and that is a cheap and safe experiment. You can find a description of what to look for on the splinting page. If one of those helps then that is another bit of evidence in favour of CTS, and if not it would tend to support my feeling that there is some other explanation here.

If you would like to pass this message back to your GP he/she should be able to set a referral in motion as things are starting to open up a bit now as the number of COVID cases falls. JB

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