CTS while on dialysis


Hi there, I recently posted on here about cts while on dialysis, I was asked to fill in the survey, which I have done. My cts is causing me severe pain while on dialysis, to the point where at times I am having to come off slightly earlier than I should as my fistula is on the right arm also, and I can’t wear my support due to where the needles are. Could you please advise if it’s possible to have the normal injection that I’ve had in the past Thank you


Yes it's certainly possible. There are some concerns over the use of steroids while COVID-19 is arund which you can read about on the patient information page but personally I think it is probably a very small risk. If you think it's worth the risk of an extra visit to hospital I'll arrange an appointment.

I'll also move this to the Canterbury patients forum as you are one of ours! JB

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