Exercises for CT?


I was diagnosed back in September last year, but had symptoms presenting years before that. I'm waiting for surgery but it's gonna be a long wait because public health system... I've been using a splint using anti inflam gel and trying to minimise bad actions for wrist where possible but unfortunately I do a lot of computer work that aggreviates it. I'm also waiting to see if I can get an ergonomic keyboard/mouse paid for rather than out of my own pocket. I got put on lyrica last week which I'm not sure is helping yet but would like to do some exercises that could help it.

'm seeing a physio in a week (but for stuff other than my wrists) but the pain has been getting pretty bad, plus referred pain into my arm and sometimes numbess/tingling with certain activies so I'd like to get onto some exercises sooner rather than later. I tried google some but I'm a bit scared of following sources on the internet in case I make it worse or soemthing. Also, are heat packs any good for the wrist? Cheers


Unfortunately all of those remedies are unproven and the only things that are known to work for CTS are splints, steroids and surgery. Exercises for CTS have not been adequately tested though many physiotherapists recommend 'nerve and tendon gliding' exercises. These always strike me as being rather similar to using a keyboard but they are unlikely to do any serious harm I think. You are right to be wary of things on the web, and especially of anyone trying to sell you a 'cure'. This site is as impartial as I can make it and I have been researching CTS for 25 years as well as treating thousands of patients withthe disorder so at least I have lots of experience but I'm sure my own biases creep into it regardless.

One of those biases is that I think no-one should embark on aggressive treatment for CTS without having a set of nerve conduction studies done, not to 'make the diagnosis' but primarily to measure how much damage there is to the nerve. This view is disputed by many orthopaedic surgeons. If you have had a set of NCS done and have the results I'll be happy to tell you how bad it is. JB

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