My carpal-tunnel


Dear Dr. Bland

I’m writing to you regarding the state of my carpal tunnel syndrome.

In the last couple of years I had two sets of steroid injections by Emma which worked quite well. The last time was April last year.

My wrists are the worst it’s ever been now to the point where I’ve lost all strength in my hands and my job is to work with my hands and also my sport requires proper function of my wrists.

The last time I saw you I’ve asked if we could put me up for the CTS operation but I have not received any correspondence for that.

Is there any chance I could get an appointment for a third set of steroid injections as soon as possible?

Kind regards
Ben Basson
D.o.b 06/09/1980


We've had an email exchange and you are on the list to be seen again. JB

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