Quitting marijuana and REM sleep


OK so here this goes. I had been an avid marijuana smoker for about eight years straight every single day. I always use the excuse because I’m a bodybuilder that I needed to eat so I continue to smoke. I suddenly cold turkey quit a week ago because for some reason I have no interest no longer to smoke anymore. And this can be a good thing! However I notice I am having extremely vivid nightmares and dreams. Just now for example I had taken a nap and I did put my braces on. I woke up with my hands feeling tingly but not in the same sense of a carpal tunnel numbness. Does this have anything to do with quitting marijuana? I don’t know how much you know on this topic. But you are a doctor so I figured maybe you could have a little insight on this.


I think it's fair to say I know nothing about this I'm afraid - sorry! JB

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