Carpal Tunnel

Sheila Feaver

My arms and hands tingle constantly throughout the day and night , however during the night I wake up in agony several times during the nightand my hands feel as if they are on fire. Is there anything I can do to ease this and please can I have an appointment to see someone as the pain is unbearable.


So far as I can see you are not yet one of my patients - or have I seen you under a different name? If your GP is referring you to me then it does look as though you might have CTS and you need to email me (Jeremy [dot] Bland [at] nhs [dot] net) your contact details so that I can saet up an appointment. There is a list of what I need from you on the patient information page of the website. The best first aid measure for CTS is to splint it at night (if you haven't tried that apready. JB

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