Recent Steroid Injection


Having suffered symptoms of carpel tunnel for about a year starting with pin & needles and developing into pain and stiffness I was referred to Dr Bland
The outcome of our meeting was to either wait for a Operation or have steroid injections (both wrists) I was immediately given an appointment and the process was excellent quick painless and I was taken care of.
I had been asked to reply to bring Dr Bland up to date, so it’s just over 6 weeks the effects were instant, next day was 75% better and following day 100%, 6 weeks later the results are great and will keep in touch and hopefully we will get a good timeframe before the carpel tunnel returns many thanks Dr Bland


Thankyou very much for the follow-up report. I've added some notes to your records. If you could add a new severity score here on the website that would be even better :-) JB

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