Playing tennis with CTS


Am I doing the wrong thing playing tennis with CTS. I sometimes take Ibrufen but lately if I put ice under a sweatband and between two bands this helps without the painkiller.


I incorporated your correction into the original message to keep the topic tidy! Tennis is not especially known for causing or aggravating CTS but on general principles it ought to - especially if you use a lot of wrist flick rather than making strokes with the whole arm and the wrist straight. I think the general rule is to keep an eye on how symptoms vary with activity. If you find that, after playing tennis one day you are more likely to be awake 5 times that night with a numb hand then the activity is probably aggravating the problem and it might be time to ease off a bit.

On the other hand I do not feel that peoples lives should be dominated by CTS such that the state of median nerve dictates what activities you can indulge in - the right answer is clearly to get it treated and go back to doing what you want to do with the hands. In your circumstances I really would want to know what your nerve conduction study results look like before making any judgement about what you should be doing and how it should be treated and when. JB

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