How many injections can you have?



I had an injection in my right wrist in January for CTS symptoms and they cleared away nicely. However they have now started to come back and I can't remember clearly but I think I was told at my last appointment that I may only be able to have so many. Is this true?

I have also started developing reasonably bad symptoms in my left hand that are affecting my index and middle finger which I have never had to this extent on this hand before as it has always been bad on the right hand.

Any advice would be greatly received.

Kind regards.


Opinions differ so you will, confusingly, be told different things by different people. We do not limit the number of injections in the Canterbury CTS clinic but we do monitor the patients quite closely to be sure that the nerve is not deteriorating and we try to keep the frequency of injections down to a level where significant steroid side effects are very unlikely. If you have recurrent symptoms now then re-injecting would not be a problem as long as your test results are not markedly worse. If you could complete a new severity score for me please (click "My CTS", "My CTS record", "Take a new severity score test") I'll add you to the waiting list - we are working through the COVID backlog at present. JB

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