Right hand return of symptoms.

nigel watson

Dear Dr Bland,
I have been under your care for many years and I thankyou for your prompt treatment on each occasion I’ve been in pain.
I had an injection in my right wrist during this summer and this stopped the pain I was in during the nights sleep , I have had numb and tingling fingers throughout but I can live with this.
I now contact you because the extreme pain started at night a number of weeks ago , this is hard to ignore and the pain and numbness is now impacting on my daily life. Stiffness in my fingers when trying to close my hand and constant numbness and a shooting pain when I least expect it are making normal tasks hard to complete.
I wonder if it’s now time to have an operation on this hand if this is permissible in these covid times.
If I could see you or be entered onto a waiting list for a operation it would be much appreciated.
Yours faithfully
Nigel Watson
315 Folkestone Road. Dover . Kent CT179JG .
07771541808......01304 852134.


We can probably arrange surgery still but it may not be very fast. We can also see you tomorrow morning (Friday 27th November) at 10:00 am if you see this message and can make it to us. If it's that painful we could at least inject it again now in the hope of providing some relief. JB

nigel watson

Yes I can make that appointment.

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