update on injection

graham p

Dear Dr Bland I attended your clinic at K&C on 11/12/20 for the first time since2012 due to increasing symptoms. You assessed me now as level 6 but said we could try an injection in the right wrist (the worst one). The results were immediate and very gratifying. Occasional slight numbness, occasional slight pins & needles. No problems at night and no need to wear a splint. So now I'm hoping that this lasts for a good while, and that the need for an operation may go away. Graham Wallin


Thanks for the update. I'll add a note to the records. I would still be inclined to see Mr Stanton when an appointment comes around though. If those symptoms have been very responsive to steroids then it is likely that you would get a reasonable response to surgery, though as I said I don;t think you will get the wasted muscles back. JB

PS - I'll move this thread to the Canterbury patients forum in a few minutes too.

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