Pain returned after steroid injections

Duncan McGinley

Hi I had a steroid injection last year that relived the pain in my wrists and hand but has returned over the last few months. Was wondering if I could discuss what actions to take next. The wrist splint works during the day but it wakes me up most nights. Tried paracetamol and ibuprofen but it only masks the pain. Are there any painkillers that would help?

Thanks Duncan McGinley


The only oral medication that has been shown to make any difference to CTS is a short course of steroids, and they are better delivered by injection at the wrist because there are fewer side-effects that way. We can easily see you again next week and I'll send out an appointment this morning. JB

We can see you next Monday but when I look at the records they are a bit confused - you now have two identities on the website, two different email addresses and two different spellings of McGinley/McGinlay. I'll get the office to call you to try and sort it all out. On the website It would help a lot if all your records were attached to your original login. Once you get back into that you click "My CTS" then "My CTS record" then "Take a new severity score test". JB

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